Your thoughts are the seeds that determine the garden of your life. 
Plant positive and empowering thoughts, and watch your dreams bloom into reality.
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Power of Your Thoughts Course
6 Week Power of Your Thoughts Course
Change your Life by changing your Thoughts !

At some point in our lives we become disillusioned that we haven't achieved the results we had hoped for and our goals have not materialized. And time is ticking away. Power of your Thoughts 6 week online course helps people learn how to take control of their thoughts & actions by changing their self image. 

 People feel empowered experiencing a positive transformation in all aspects of their lives as they see improved results.

This course will help you build a better self image,  improve relationships, find a purposeful career you love, or achieve financial independence. 
Lori Gradley is a personal development and mindset coach helping women become the best they can be. With 35 years of experience training under some of the industry’s leading voices, Lori brings her passion, business skills, and life experience to deliver meaningful wellness courses to empower people.

Lori’s profound insights & practical strategies help people discover the power of their thoughts by using mental tools that will positively reshape their mindset.  This 
process will successfully pave the way for a deeper transformation to take place, empowering their lives and self image.
About Lori
Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Mindset & Wellness Coach, International Published Writer, Author & Mother
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Customer's Review
"Ive attracted more income from Power of your Thought course. I've changed my way of thinking.  
"Power of Your Thoughts course helped me reach my goals much quicker than I imagined"
"I loved this program, I discovered scientific based strategies that has helped me improve my results by understanding the power of my mind."
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